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  • HapPy nEw yEaR!!! Sungmin Oppa saranghae!
    Friday, January 1, 2010 | 8 Comments

    emm, first of all happy new year!!!
    nothing much to say but i hope this year give a lot of meaning for me and bring more success!
    okay and to sungmin oppa...
    saengil chukka hamnida!!!

    aku ada banyak azam baru untuk tahun baru..
    harap2 tahun ni aku dapat jadi calon spm yang berjaya..
    xder pe nak cakap ar..
    aku berdoa korang sumer success for this new year..

     haha..our pumpkin oppa is 25 years old now( korean ) and 24 (western)..
    i wish u a happy birthday and be a good son..
    show the world about ur talent..

    oppa chukahaeyo!!!

    video by me for you...

    okay for this honourable new year..there is message from leader leeteuk oppa..

    I still cant forget the moment we were announced to get the Golden disk daesang award yet. Having the most important award at Golden disk with “Sorry sorry” is one of the things I cant forget in year 2009. Although I and the other members had a lot of individual activities but we’re very happy that “Sorry sorry” had gained a lot of popularity. Therefore, Super Junior can get over the complex “Although being famous but dont have representative song”.

    It seems that year 2010 will bring only good and happy things. Usually there arent many chance for me to wear Hanbok but today, wearing this Hanbok and greeting ISPlus’ readers, I hope everybody will have a happier year.

    As the next year is the year of tiger, Super Junior who receive the strength from the tiger will work more hard. And I hope all the readers will be healthy like the tiger’s strong legs, your business and study will be bright like the eyes and may new year bring you prosperity.

    thats all...
    p/s:oppa..give me your hanbok!!

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    Blogger cik EPAL said...

    siapakah lelaki ini?? hehe :)

    Blogger anis ayadi said...

    lelaki ni..ahli super junior yang popular di korea..thank u sebab sudi jengok blog ni..

    Blogger cik EPAL said...

    ouh patut lah tak kenal..haha :D

    Blogger myn said...

    huhu..husband aku dh smakin tuer lak..haha..
    just wanna remind u, tomorrow dah start school lar..TT__TT nooooo

    Blogger anis ayadi said...

    cik epal: hehe...lawaklah cik epal ni.

    myn: eih myn jangan lupe tu pun husband aku tau keke..

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

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    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Easily I agree but I about the brief should secure more info then it has.

    Anonymous qEen-Hyuri said...

    annyeong-haseyo, onnie! cntknyer blog onni.. kite dh follow.. pls follow blk taw?


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