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    “You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching, Love like you'll never be hurt, Sing like there's nobody listening, And live like it's heaven on earth.”

    Some memories never fade

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    Saturday, February 20, 2010 | 7 Comments

    lagu fevret akue la..ini la lagu kat blog aku yg diterjemah ke dlm bahasa inggeris..sila dengar jika sudi..

    Lie - Big Bang
    translation by: frostedsnow (also credit:

    Love is pain ,dedication
    To all my broken-hearted people
    One's old a flame ,just
    Scream my name
    And I'm so sick of love songs
    Ye I hate damn love song
    Memento of ours

    On a late rainy night, I bring you home
    Rummaging through the ends of my soaked memories
    I tell myself I can live just as well without you,
    But even if I pledge to do so, I can't help it
    I even drink the alcohol that I can't tolerate
    Even if I try to chill my troubled heart throughout the night,
    I don't want to
    A day without you is so long
    I beg, please, let me forget
    Without you, I have no smile
    There is no rest to my tears
    I don't want to go on living
    It's nonsense, an outrage
    It's like I'm walking around amidst thoughts of you
    I want to see you, but I can't
    So I guess it's all over
    I'll be right there

    *I'm so sorry but I love you
    It was all a lie, I didn't know
    I've only come to realize now that I need you
    I'm so sorry but I love you
    Sharp and hurtful words,
    Said in the heat of the moment without realizing it myself,
    I've sent you away
    I'm so sorry but I love you
    It was all lies
    I'm so sorry but I love you
    I'm so sorry but I love you
    You've left me
    I'll forget it slowly, to make it painful for myself

    Everything I own, all the songs I sing, were devoted to you
    No one would ever know that
    Just myself, secretly, without nobody, anybody knowing
    That's right, the things I said were lies
    I'm loner left behind all alone
    In that feeble state, with the crumpled farewell note still folded in my pocket,
    I wonder where you are now
    Is it time to even change my habit of calling out to you?
    Is it time to just have a good laugh about it all?


    Maybe it can all just be a dream,
    Because there's nothing else I'm capable of doing
    I still can't forget you,
    No, even after a lifetime, even until I die, I'll wonder if the pain I caused you has healed
    I'm sorry,
    Because I wasn't able to do anything for you

    repeat *

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    Blogger aku zaty said...

    beb,wa suke lirik tuh!

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    suke bigbang...

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    suke bigbang...

    Blogger aku junsu said...

    aku zaty: best gilakan lirik lagu nih

    geera johari: big bang memang best..sumer berbakat.. gd,t.o.p,daesung,seung ri dgan taeyang..

    Blogger myn said...

    lirik ni wat aku tringat kat hankyung oppa lorh..sedey TT_TT

    Blogger aku junsu said...

    rilex ar myn..he still with us larh

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    ske sme lirik lgu nie..
    thumbs up (",)


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