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  • saengil chuka hamnida hankyung oppa and siwon oppa..
    Tuesday, February 9, 2010 | 3 Comments

    yo!! another busy day for this week..
    xsempat nak membebel lama2 hari ni..
    cuti nanti baru lelama sikit berucap kat sini..

    apapun happy birthday to hankyung@hangeng oppa yg lahir pada tarikh ni..
    wish u a happy birthday..
    win the battle for urself..
    we elf will always be with you no matter what..



    esok pulak birthday siwon oppa..
    happy upcoming birthday..
    beberapa minit lagi..

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    Blogger ana_zara said...

    hepi bday to hankyung~~
    ape citer latest die saman SM ent.

    Blogger myn said...

    owh..i miss hankyung damn much..TT__TT
    His lawsuit case will be settled in this march i think..i wonder what's the result..huhu :(

    Blogger aku junsu said...

    ana_zara:dia masih xleh buat persembahan didepan khalayak umum.. harap2 dia dapat dtg malaysia nanti..

    myn:hope result tu baik2 je..


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