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  • Sorry For Caring~hahaha~
    Monday, September 27, 2010 | 3 Comments

    ini entry tidak emo..sila percaya~
    just simple words for big person..

    i just want to care..

    but u never want to hear..and u just shout to me as u want~
    throw all the mistakes to me..i'm the one who is not good..
    sorry for caring...sorry if u hate it!!~
    don't blame me if something bad happen in the future..
    it's okay coz i don't even hurt..

    i'll never care anymore..
    don't even want to know~

    i'll never be the same in the future coz i'm a different person now~
    you tear me,you break me,you trampled me..
    and i'm not dead yet..
    i'm stronger thanks to you..

    hahahahah~smile finally..
    i'll come to you with a big smile everytime u say anything to me~
    because i'm too strong and will never hurt again..
    thanks to you..thanks to you...

    for she that give me lots of challenge and sadness...
    thanks to she..i'm what i become right now~

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    Blogger aku zaty said...

    always be strong sis! =)

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    just ignore people that never appreciate with ur attention...

    as they dun deserve to be cared by u...


    Blogger aku junsu said...

    zaty: sure will~i have lots of adek to take care~hihi and i love the fact..

    sis: hehe yup~i'll never care about her anymore~


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