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  • The sun can rise because there are nights.
    Thursday, October 21, 2010 | 4 Comments

    The sun can rise because there are nights.

    You go outside right away after you wake up when you are not fully awake yet.. and breath in the morning air ... Do you know that feeling..

    Like the first train, when people are quiet but the sound of train moving is loud...I spent a day like that everyday.

    When I walk to school~the breeze knocked me...coz it wanna play tap with me.the dark is still there..i walk alone till the sun rise..the ring rang everyday..

    As the first class started I learned a till i want to throw in the mist of high achievers ain't all waltz ey~got to catch up a lot..

    The siblings of aj's help me a lot...along always be with me..alang and ateh are my strength, uda always cheer me up..the youngest, usu and achik always help me in studies..

    Mice Lestari never fail to help me...kamsahamnida~ Got new mentor this week..the small but dedicated Wo Kien Seng that give his passion in teaching us..his proteges..

    Family that keep supporting me...can't live without their voice,their love..

    Aizah that always give me a higher dose of refreshment when i get sleepy...

    I love people around me that help me a lot, criticize me, support me,bashed me,hate me..haha i'll get stronger everyday...

    Not to forget all the bloggers that always care what i wrote here and give concerned for everything i done..

    Special thanks to younger brother and sisters that love me as their own siblings...I'll take care of u guys when i finished this..they fill me with their beautiful love..yin,jieya,hyunnie,memey,khausar,azim and nanie..sorry if i forget a name~i'm no perfect..

    The sun can rise because there are nights.

    A Fact ey~waiting for rising sun...hehe just like dongbangshinki's song..

    Aku memg melayu+jawa...tapi dah memg aku suka ckp mix languages..hate me???okey...just go away...subtlety is not my forte baby..hail the all time optimist!!~

    May Allah bless us~


    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    luv u always..
    insya' u'll becme the successful one...

    Blogger izz junsu said...

    love u too sis~

    Blogger Ahmad Hanif Abd Halim Azmi said...

    ring ding dong
    this is so random
    nice layout anyway =D

    Blogger izz junsu said...

    haha memg pick randomly anyway~


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