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  • Killer Week~~
    Sunday, November 28, 2010 | 2 Comments


    ehehe, salam humans..
    this eccentric girl is back~
    finished bm paper,english paper and history~
    how i wish i get A+ for the 3 subject..

    I'm getting serious for this week la..
    esok paper math modern...
    selasa paper agama..
    rabu pulak hubby ku addmaths..
    my scandal is next..physics on thursday heh..

    No time to play..
    I'll work hard Insyaallah to answer the questions...

    I'm enjoying my life now seriously..

    hehe..May Allah bless me and all spm candidates this year...

    p/s: sm ballad,elfs,b2uty...kidaryo..


    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    wat y terbaek ye dear (",)
    mst dpt score nye (",)
    anyway kak elle dh bes final...nk blek uma dh...
    so lme laa xbloggin t...
    jgn rndu tau...
    tp klo nk rindu di galkkn sgt3...hehhee...
    tke cre anywy (",)

    Blogger izz junsu said...

    kak elle:
    i'm trying my best sis~
    Insyaallah dpat score..
    gonna miss u..haha dah rindu dah pun...^^

    minggu depan habis exam rabu...
    last paper biology..
    take care of urself juga..i'm not there to care about u.i'm far away from u lar..hhaha~~

    May Allah bless~


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