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  • SPM dah start wei~~
    Tuesday, November 23, 2010 | 5 Comments


    assalamualaikum..hehe akhirnya hari yg dinanti tiba..
    Tadi, aku selaku calon MC001A010 telah menduduki kertas Bahasa Melayu..
    The questions are quite something..ehehe..

    Btw, wish me luck okay..

    I'll be back...

    May Allah bless~~

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    Blogger yayalya said...

    good luck adik... :)

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    (",) all da besh dear
    sorie lmbt wish n lme bloggin
    bz ngn final (",)

    Blogger haNem said...

    gud luck okey..all da best..usaha lebeh x rugi :)

    Blogger masturah said...

    GoodLuck ye!

    Blogger izz junsu said...

    kak yaya: thanks akak~~ehe

    kak ele: it's okay..btw thank you..i hope ur final tu okey..we pray for the best ey~~hehe..

    hanem: hihi okey^^ thanks ey~

    masturah: trimas~~hehe


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