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  • I Deactivate My FB Account..I celebrate my doing..SUE ME!
    Sunday, December 19, 2010 | 2 Comments


    assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera~
    I'm back..the only one that own this space..hehe...
    semalam..i do blogwalking and terbuka entry bro iqbal hasbullah pasal fb..
    errmm, i'm quite surprised because i'm going to do the same thing like him..deactivate my fb account.. hahha~ and i've done it!! yeah~ terasa kepuasan yg amat sangat...

    i just think that spending time at facebook is just a fluff with no stuff~
    too much sin,too much happiness,too much sadness,too much crap,too much wrongdoing,too much things that i do..that i can't help myself from deactivate the account..I have to do something to correct myself...i know it took me a while to decipher everything~saya tahu anda long as I feel good for myself I'll do it~

    I'm so shocked when Ayie deactivate her fb account..then Zell do it..I plan to do it but Zell lead the subject..phew..she is faster than me..

    bukanlah aku nak tutup fb tu selama-lamanya..but i need time..cari my true self..and steer the navigation back to the my origin...cuti spm yg dah berapa hari ni mcm sia-sia..walaupun terisi with all kind of activities but my soul dahagakan sesuatu... So, drpd aku wandering je at facebook it is better for me.. deactivate it for a while...

    ~Life is a bed of roses with thorns~
    ~The People that knows u have more ammunitions against you~
    ~It will costs U hell to change as a manner of speaking~

    haish~seriously..the words are all the senses and meaning...
    memang kami ada reason masing2 untuk deactivate our account...for me..i'm trying to bleach the rust that still overwhelm my soul..(ada kena-mengena dgn facebook ke??) I missed all the basics..i'm still trying to work on that...believe's not easy...luckily my cerebrum still intact..if not surely i'll be mentally retarded~

    Facebook is not a sin..but the life that comes with it....

    macam mana aku nak lupa semua ELFs yg aku jumpa di facebook?
    Yin,Azim,Max,Anis,Khausar...and semua orang...the time that we all have shared together?
    It's my fault that I can't live in that "world" anymore...Sapphire Blue World....
    aku larikan diri??ya..mungkin juga... my friends at fb...miss my blog..tu pun kalau kamu semua tau blog saya~huahuahua~
    to aj's, me if u need me..

    sekian...bebelan cek izz..hooo cek anisah....sudah tamat..

    I know ini entry mengarut..sila abaikan..forgive me if i'm doing the wrong thing..My bad~
    I'm no angel..I'm no perfect..correct me if i'm wrong~

    May Allah s.w.t. bless us~