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  • I Start Today To Find The Truth~
    Thursday, December 16, 2010 | 0 Comments


    assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera~
    lama sudah tak update my story di ruangan ni..
    i don't have any idea to write here~

    first sekali,i want to wish goodluck to my dear friends yg akan ambil paper al-quran dan sunnah today.. i wish u guys dapat jawab yg terbaik!! give ur best shot humans~like kak suhana say, fight for this jihad! win as mujahid or die as as-syahid..never give up..baca selawat banyak2~i bet all of you mesti dah sedia for this paper kan??

    enough start today to find the truth~
    hee~i search for the truth this morning and now i know the whole story now~
    i want to ask that person for forgiveness~
    sorry for doubting you lah..i should trust you...all the hangover was a silly thing~
    i'm ashamed that i act like a child..i promise u that i'll never doubt you..
    you're the greatest present that i have this year~
    should not have someone better that always give me the spirit to fight for my life~
    i owe u a lot..

    no heart feeling,no hard feeling...just warm feel that can revive my soul~ mau hangout with two beautiful ladies...kak ain and su~
    it was two years since our last hangout ey~ i pray that today we can catch up our last two years~
    I wish this is a right thing to do~

    p/s: I miss my bear..Izzaty Haziqah Mohd Nadzar..please comeback early...I miss u like crazy..

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