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    “You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching, Love like you'll never be hurt, Sing like there's nobody listening, And live like it's heaven on earth.”

    Some memories never fade

  • Mood Boring..So Buat Entry ni..
    Monday, December 20, 2010 | 0 Comments

    assalamualaikum..hari ni cik anis bosan..
    so nak buat entry ni..jumpa kat blog kawan saya~

    1- Put your music library on shuffle.

    2- For each question press the next button to get your answer.

    3- You must write the answer to the question, no matter how silly it sound.

    4- When you done tag it to 5 persons.

    Cik Anis akan mengambil sebahagian lirik drpd lagu yg terpilih..mcm yg kawan saya buat..sesetengahnya memglah agak pelik sebab lagu tu shuffle..

    okay~JOM MULA
    (1) How would you describe yourself?

    Secret~One Republic
    "I need another story
    Something to get off my chest
    My life gets kinda boring
    Need something that I can confess
    'Til all my sleeves are stained red
    From all the truth that I've said
    Come by it honestly I swear"

    (2) What do you like in a girl?
     Kalau Berpacaran~Ana Raffali,Suhaimi Mior Hassan,Altimet
    "Biar malu-malu
    Biar segan-segan
    Kerna malu itu
    Perisai orang beriman"
    (3) How do you feel today?

     Touch My Hand~David Archuleta

    "Can't let the music stop
    Can't let this feeling end"
    (4) What is your life's purpose? 

    Whataya Want From Me~Adam Lambert

    "Just don’t give up
    I’m workin’ it out
    Please don’t give in
    I won’t let you down"

    (5) What is your motto?
     The Creator~Sami Yusuf

    "He made us on earth trustees
    To obey all His decrees
    Oh Allah have mercy please,
    Clean away our hearts’ disease"

    (6) What do your friend think of you?

    Timeless~Zhang Li Yin feat Xiah Junsu

    "Timeless, this is not goodbye
    If love can't be turned around, this moment will be forever
    Hold tight, baby..Timeless, preciously stored away in my heart
    Like a long sickness that leaves one weary, slowly recovering
    we both agree..This is timeless love."

    (7) What do you think about your parents?

    Sorry Sorry~Super Junior

    "All your worries and sadness
    Lets keep them together"

    (8) What do you think very often? 
     Purple Line~Tohoshinki

    "Purple line, let me setup my world! 
    No one else has ever walked this way 
    Embrace your dreams and keep searching for the way to live"

    (9) What is 2+2?
     Misery~Maroon 5

    "I am in misery
    There ain't no other
    Who can comfort me"

    (10) What do you think about your bestfriends?


    "Nothing better than you
    Safe to all the world
    you you you you
    You not going to change"

    (11) What do you think the person that you like?

     Bonamana~Super Junior

    "(It’s) True, true my feelings have nowhere to go to
    You know that I adjusted myself to fit you
     How to keep loving you?
    I’ll be really good to you ,don’t let me rot like this"
    (12) What is your life story?
    Breath Easy~Blue
    "Why did I lie?
    What did I walk away to find
    Oooohhh...why...oooh -- why..."
     "Curse me inside
    For every word that caused you to cry
    Curse me inside"
    (13) What do you want to be when you grow up?

    If We Ever Meet Again~Timbaland,Katy Perry

    "I'll never be the same..
    If we ever meet again"
    (14) What do you think when you see person you like?

     Menjemput Bidadari~Epicentrum
    "Laksana Zulaikha jalani hari
    Sabar menanti Yusuf sang tambatan hati
    Dipenantian mencari diri
    Memohonkan ampunan dipertemukan"
    (15) What will you dance at your wedding?
    Only Girl~Rihanna

    "Cuz I'm the only one who understands,
    like I'm the only one who knows your heart, only one..."
    (16) What will they play on your funeral?

    The day you went away~M2M
    "And we were letting go of something special
    Something we'll never have again
    I know..I guess I really really know"

    (17) What is your biggest fear?
    "Don't go. Don't leave me. 
    No matter how many times I think about it ,
    It will be hard to forget you .
    I don't think I can forget you"
    (18) What is your biggest secret?
    "Berkurun terukir sejarah alpa,
    manusia dihanyut indah yang fana,
    terlupa pada fitrah wujudnya,
    hanya ditaraf hamba."

    (19) What will next post is?

    Tika Masanya~Hujan,Mirwana

    "tika masanya ku bertemu denganNya
    tiba saatnya ku serahkan segala
    pastinya ku kan terus melangkah
    menuju cintaNya"
    yg syarat keempat..malas nak buat..haha..
    sape2 yg rajin buat la juga buat this thing..

    till then.