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  • There's Been a Death in the Opposite House
    Tuesday, December 21, 2010 | 3 Comments

    There's been a death in the opposite house
    As lately as today.
    I know it by the numb look
    Such houses have always.

    The neighbors rustle in and out,
    The doctor drives away.
    A window opens like a pod,
    Abrupt, mechanically;

    Somebody flings a mattress out, -
    The children hurry by;
    They wonder if It died on that, -
    I used to when a boy.

    The minister goes stiffly in
    As if the house were his,
    And he owned all the mourners now,
    And little boys besides;

    And then the milliner, and the man
    Of the appalling trade,
    To take the measure of the house.
    There'll be that dark parade

    Of tassels and of coaches soon;
    It's easy as a sign, -
    The intuition of the news
    In just a country town.

    Just by reading the title above, it evokes various emotions, right? Well, it is actually a title of a poem for the upper secondary students in Malaysia.Emily Dickinson, as you are already informed, is a good poet who always expresses death in various ways through her poems.

    Actually..this is one of my favourite poems~~

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    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    boya ike..??? ;p lama siot poem ni..
    hehehe.. unnie dah lupa dah sume

    Blogger cik elina said...

    suka sonnet18 lagi .


    Blogger Anisah Zahorin said...

    unni: hehe..lama dah.taun depan budak form 5 xblaja poem ni lagi.. kitaorg batch last

    elina: hee~^^


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