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    Some memories never fade

  • For My Beautiful Hangover
    Wednesday, January 19, 2011 | 2 Comments

    To speak of my love with a frozen word
    To kiss you sweetly is to not feel thirst
    Such a kiss has no translation
    It is not the ashes of love
    It is a molten lava
    Thorn not flower
    Sun, not star

    But our story is not such
    Why lie to ourselves
    We are ships drifting apart

    We come from Linares
    That is why we dress
    In polka dot patterns
    Amidst those who past indifferently

    Gallops across my brow
    Dragging me across the land
    In search of your alibi

    credits: andalucia~doves

    Blogger aku zaty said...

    my dear~
    err pic kat header tu mcm kenal jep..

    Blogger Anisah Zahorin said...

    hee~mine,urs and along.haha..


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