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  • A sweet Vendetta
    Wednesday, January 12, 2011 | 0 Comments


    today I finished read Vendetta by Imaen..
    Quiet a while since I finished read Schubert Serenade by Hlovate...
    And just today I feel like want to try Imaen's work..
    And that's it..different from Hlovate  of course..
    But the work is still art and fresh~
    I do love Vendetta..

    The way Imaen elaborate the plot amazed me..
    I'm not a novel addict but I do love reading~and Imaen is doing a good job with Vendetta~
    Foreign Legion~aah about this..Getting excited..

    Suddenly I remember a friend of mine that love weapon so much~

    Temptation is increase~

    Marche Ou Creve
    Tidak ada undur belakang dalam hidup,Kerana hidup tidak ada belakang

    My opinion about this piece of great work..

    There could be beauty in tragedy anyway~*like hlovate said*
    because life is separated from death just between a line..
    And the strongest bond from the two world is prayer~
    so practically vendetta is not the best choice.
    Live a happy life and move on~

    but sometimes humans are too fragile..
    can't stand the temptation to seek for revenge thus they choose vendetta~~

    One last thing...we should give others chance.. long as the person try his best to change for Allah,for himself..

    oh yeah~~