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  • It's too late to apologize.
    Monday, March 14, 2011 | 2 Comments

    it's too late to apologize..
    it's too late i'm afraid..

    betul lah org selalu kata....
    lelaki dan perempuan boleh jadi kawan...
    tapi lelaki dan perempuan tak boleh jadi kawan baik...

    kitaorg kawan dah sembilan tahun kau tau...
    come hell or high water semua kitaorg redah...
    tak kisahlah my problem or his problem we always support each other..
    tapi langit tak selalu cerah..dan lelaki dan perempuan sampai bila-bila pun tak boleh jadi kawan baik.
    you tell me that you need me,then you go and cut me down
    you cut me once...
    you cut me twice...

    aku maafkan..dan ini kali ketiga...
    i loved you with a fire red and now  it's turning blue
    and you say sorry like an angel heaven let me think was you

    but you know's too late to apologize...

    lelaki+perempuan+ kawan= possible
    lelaki+perempuan+kawan baik=never

    some boys are clever..
    some boys are stupid..

    in this are stupid! *throw rocks at you*

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    Blogger Frodo Baggins said...


    laki + pompuan = suami isteri boleh!


    Blogger Anisah Zahorin said...

    frodo: wahaha~~ itu gua setuju bro!


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