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  • Tell me goodbye~
    Sunday, September 18, 2011 | 1 Comments

    There was a girl..she lived in her own way. She never worried about anything else.. She did what she want. No matter what happen or anything interfere, she never cared at all. All she know was to live and survived. Do or dead.

    Once, that girl had to sit for SPM..yeah, we all know that SPM is the biggest and the most terrified exam that one should sit in Malaysia... Everyday the tense was getting bigger. She tried so hard that she cried alone. She threw all her sadness and feeling in her blog.

    One day, a guy popped out from nowhere and  be friend with the girl. He is the one that always care about the girl.He became the girl's idol. The one that the girl thrust. That girl changed her attitude little by little. Not solely because of the guy but because of Him.Through typing they became good friends. It should be okay, but the rule "Boy can't be a girl's best friend" is hard to deny. The rest is history.

    The results were out...the guy  achieved straight a's for SPM but not for the girl. Both of them got the same offer letter to continue their studies at Kolej Matrikulasi Melaka. Later on, the guy got offer for medic foundation. That guy seriously choose the girl over the medic foundation.

    But, that girl pursued the guy to go for the best offer. She wanted him to do his best. However, the girl was so worried and afraid the boy will change one day. She was so scared that the new atmosphere will change the boy's behaviour.

    As time flew by, the boy changed. He started to miss all the basics in his life. One of the reason he changed was because of the girl. The girl was terrified to lose the person she love. The girl told the guy how much she love him but they have to end their relationship.

    "Saya taknak cinta awak pada saya buat awak lupa pada tanggungjawab awak. Terutamanya pada keluarga dan kawan-kawan. Dan, saya taknak awak lupa yang cinta pada Allah tu lebih penting. Awak dah pandai tinggalkan solat Jumaat sebab drive nak datang jumpa saya. Awak semakin lalai terhadap semuanya. Fikir balik tujuan hidup awak. Saya tak dapat terima awak yang sekarang.Saya harap awak faham yang saya buat ni untuk kepentingan kita bersama. Kalau ada jodoh kita jumpa lagi. Insyaallah kita akan dapat yang terbaik. Tapi bukan sekarang. Be a doctor and then think about the future okay~Assalamualaikum.."

    oh....ada jugak yg cakap perpisahan ni sesuatu yg lawak...
    agak kurang ajar kan? heh..

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    Blogger Cik Ainori said...

    Ya Allah...sedihnye..
    i really have no word..
    to say anything...really..
    tak tahu nak ckp ape..
    nisa..i want to see u!!


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