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  • It's Over
    Saturday, December 24, 2011 | 0 Comments

    dear bloggers...

    it's been a long time sejak entry terakhir....

    today i'll type about another chapter in my life....perhaps a sad one...

    It's over...kalau saya dah tak boleh nak percaya awak...dan awak tak boleh nak percaya saya.....

    it's over...sedih...sedih sebab all of this happen before bermulanya apa-apa....

    dan bila semuanya berakhir sebelum bermula I'm quite bersyukur sebab kalau anything happen in the first place we will be suffering in the future...

    last but not least...terima kasih for the past few months...kita akan tetap berkawan...

    say hi and it's enough. :)

    p/s: notes to Pacai.