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    Some memories never fade

  • My dear Pacai =)
    Thursday, July 12, 2012 | 0 Comments

    holla peeps.

    i'm going to type about something else but...
    when I read his sms I dunno why bibir ni gatal je nak senyum.
    senyum yang aku sendiri tak tau nak tafsir perasaan tuuu...

    senyum suka? xjugak...
    senyum kesian? mungkin juga...

    sebab...dia pernah jadi antara org yg special in my precious teen days.
    Alhamdulillah our relationship start with something sweet and tak end dgn buruk.

    buat Pacai be strong ekk.
    Sorry for the news. be tough. sorry for not being to help u.
    Sometimes i regret for not doing the favour.
    You'll find someone better eyy...jgn give up. Saya doakan awak selalu. Insyaallah jalan di hadapan yang menanti akan lebih baik.

    p/s : for budak kecik's sake. i miss you babe.