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  • Bukankah Hati Kita Telah Lama Menyatu?
    Saturday, April 20, 2013 | 0 Comments

    Assalamualaikum dear peeps...

    Alhamdulillah diberi kesempatan utk menaip di ruangan ini...
    Lama sudah tak dengar khabar...hidup sebagai mahasiswa memang tidak pernah lekang dek assignment, aktiviti, karnival, lawatan, discussion, presentation yadaaa yadaa...

    I'm so grateful sebab dapat rehat sikit hujung minggu ni. No activities at all... Dapatlah do some messy stuffs, having time with my own self hahha... well I should give myself a reward for doing well in my Pengurusan Ko-k mid test. Congrates! *tepuk tangan sikit hihi..

    Well it kinda absurd when knowing that I already twenty and doing my first degree =]

    B.Ed of Agricultural Science minor Biology eyy~

    Life here changed me a lot I guess. Be more mature, live my life to the fullest, do what I want, express myself in a good way..well I'm not a good person in communication skills..but I do improve myself here. Massive thanks for those involved in my positive changing.

    Btw, diri ini masih anak yang sangat manja. Still merengek sometimes when otp with my umi and ayah. Hahha not to mention....always give my younger brother headache.

    Last holiday pun xsempat nak jumpa my precious friends eyhhh... I know, semua org pun bz...need to settle lots of stuff. Makin dewasa tanggungjawab makin besar... Komitmen dengan keluarga lagi... tapi aku tahu, mereka tahu... Tiada pertemuan bukan bermaksud kasih sayang itu pudar malah lebih kukuh. Semakin kita merindu semakin kita hargai hubungan itu. Well said I guess.

    Bukankah hati kita telah lama menyatu?

    Got the lyrics from Edcoustic ~ Sebiru hari ini. yeah, bila hati kita dah menyatu there is no words need to explain our wants, conditions. Semua org faham dah kenapa kita buat sesuatu tindakan itu.

    Learn to appreciate our life in different aspect....please try. Live in this busy-bushy-hectic campus really trained my mind in lots angle. First thing first, focus on study. Ingat lagi janji sendiri waktu jejak kaki kat sini. Dah taknak susahkan mak ayah. nak bagi diaorg bahagia....make them happy with my exams result. InsyaAllah xkan tersasar lagi. Abg Long pernah pesan, give a lot and you will gain more. Don't just stick with  the same space, people and style. Change according the demand but not your honor and pride.

    Don't think too much of people stuffs. You have amazing family, can fit anywhere you're placed and you have fantastic friends that know you.... Tak perlu fikir bout people and how to be so nice with them or think so badly how to strengthen the bond. just go with the flow. If Allah's will, it will happen for sure. Just behave ourselves and do good thing.

    Kalau masuk sini setakat nak sambung study dapat degree go on. It's your choice.

    For me, I have a huge burden to strive for success.I don't need never-serious-always-wanna-play people in my life. Nak buat sesuatu mestilah dgn sepenuh hati or else one day we will regret trust me. Belajar betul-betul. Bermain dengan serius. Rehat secukupnya.

    Memerhati my precious board of fame, always give me such high inspiration.

    Will spending my degree life with them =]
    I'm not that bad, not that good.

    Lacks in many things....

    Till then, papai humans.

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