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  • A Really Gay Biology Field Work
    Monday, October 13, 2014 | 0 Comments


    Hey friends and peeps. Well I really sure there are peeps here. #heyIknowwhoyouare

    Fresh angle. A phrase to define me this sem.
    To gain experience we must be brave to choose different path. Though changes are hard but yeahh, people mature through hardship aren't they?

    Memulakan semester lima dengan 'title' penghuni UKLK (unit kediaman luar kampus) really gave me those fascinating moments. I was shocked that I'll be happier living at Taman U more than I was in college. Enough said and let me brought you to the time when me and my lunatic friends went to Fraser Hill for our mini project.

    I, zakiah (I always call her z), azam, farid and andy form a group. Five of us are agri students. Well actually I was planning to give myself a chance to separate from the boys, yelahkan asyik mengadap muka hampa berempat je bosan kot. Tapi, belum sempat kawan menyatakan hasrat those guys dah memanggil-manggil. K fainnnn, we're gonna be a team till graduate.

    I and my friends were assigned to do a mini project under the subject Biodiversity and Evolution of Monera, Fungi and Plantae.

    Because of my team were composed of boys in majority me n zac had to tolerate with their time management as usual. We picked up azam and farid at Kolej Aminuddin Baki at ten thirty while andy wasn't with us due to his health. Four of us went to the farm and borrow the measuring tape and our journey to Fraser started.

    After we reached the center point of the Fraser Hill we decided to get some brunch. Farid was the hungriest that he decided to order yee mee sizzling after a plate of nasi lemak ayam. After a long conversation about 'early marriage', families and the path we have to endure akhirnya kami memulakan field work kami. Itupun after two or three batang rokok selesai dipam oleh dua org 'kesayangan'. Pfttt 'sapkok' is their habit.

    After a few spot and trails detected, kami akhirnya mendaki dan tiba di kawasan dikehendaki.

    Usai menjalankan tugasan kami memulakan perjalanan untuk pulang. The boys at the back were asleep due to satiety while me as the co-driver slept because of nausea. Z was the one yg tahan drive pergi-balik panjat-turun bukit. Amazed coz she didn't have nausea's problem.

    Forget to mention that both the boys tak boleh nak drive sebab farid baru je dapat lesen and not so familiar with driving while I doubt azam dah dapat his license hahaha~~ nak tak nak aku jela jadi co-driver. See their pictures below. Jgn marah tau hampa comel waktu macam ni kehkeh ;)

    Balik tu kami makan cendol and abc dekat KUO. Murah dan sedap. The boys ngantuk sangat so kami hantaqq depa dulu di KAB. Tak sangka jumpa Farah Fathiah my junior. Adik yang sangat manja and this is the first time I met her since semester bermula.

    That's what we called jodoh. I've finished my field work while farah baru je keluar dari hutan ada program bersama Palapes. She was skinner than ever with teary eyes. Tak sangka this girl akan nangis sebab rindu sangat dekat kakak dia. Hahaha farah is majoring in Biology and she even offer me to use her books later. I love this bond and may this ukhuwah lasts forever. InsyaAllah ;)

    After relaxing at KUO kami pun pulang ke rumah. Blissful to end our journey with a success. Moga lab mini projek ni will turn out well. We pray for the best.

    P/s : I somehow love this picture so much. Kbaiiii.